“Miscellaneous” is another word for mess

Do you ever feel tempted to dump a bunch of unrelated, I-just-can’t-deal-with-this-right-NOW items together in a large container and tell yourself that you’ll sort through it “tomorrow?” You might even label the container “miscellaneous,” as if that somehow gives you a clue as to what the heck is in there. Week after week, you sling more stuff in the “miscellaneous” container, always promising yourself that tomorrow you really must sort through it and put the stuff away.

Except that as the container gets fuller and fuller, the idea of sorting all that stuff feels impossibly overwhelming. Usually a heart-pounding full-on panic attack that concerns the whereabouts of your passport or an insurance-related paper forces you to dump out the contents of “miscellaneous” until the missing item is found. And even then, all the other stuff gets tossed back into the container … until the next crisis!

So here’s my “tip” for this month: Don’t give in to miscellany!!

Put random stuff away, even if it means spending 30 minutes to file ten measly unrelated, annoying papers or to track down your son to put his “missing” bus pass away in his wallet.

The reward? You’ll never suffer through frantic searches for “lost” stuff again, or spend precious money and time replacing things that you know you have … somewhere!

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