Catch & release & professional organizing?!

fisherman-591699_1280In my travels between Boulder and neighboring mountain towns, I often pass streams and lakes where fishermen, clad in waders, are casting for trout. Although some bring their catch home to eat, many just return the live fish to the cold mountain waters. Fishing is about the experience — hours of patiently wading in a mountain stream, wind and birds and squirrels stirring the aspens and pungent evergreens, sunlight sparkling, trout leaping and perhaps biting the lure.  Remembering a certain day in July needs no prompts other than the piney smell of  a holiday wreath or the sight of a fishing rod in its winter storage spot, waiting for summer again. There’s no need of  T-shirts, bumper stickers, postcards or key chains to remind the fisherman that  “I fished Jim Creek” or “I’m a Long Lake angler.”

You may wonder what the heck has this to do with professional organizing! Well, not only do I help clients physically organize space, but I invite them to reconsider their attitude toward “stuff.” Catch and release is not only a metaphor for letting go of the acquired stuff that fills closets, basements, bedrooms and offices, it describes a philosophy that clients can aspire to. Like the fisherman who fishes all day for the experience, not needing to bring home physical evidence of his activity, you can have memorable experiences that don’t rely on you acquiring more “stuff” as reminders.

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