Aha! and Aaaaah…


I recently spent three days with 40-or-so fellow explorers, experiencing how we feel and its effects on our breathing and behavior (… or how we behave, and its effects on our breathing and feelings … or how we breathe, and its effects on our behavior and feelings!). There was lots more to it (it was, after all, three days!), but those are the basics.

I wondered: Can I use this to benefit my clients to make organizing easier for them (and therefore, for me!!)? I want to help my clients identify and move through “scary” feelings about organizing and getting rid of stuff. Without being stuck in those negative feelings, they’ll have more fun in life!

So, I  borrowed a few of the exercises I learned, and tried them out on myself and one of my repeat clients:

Think about the disorganized space you want my help with …

1. How does your body feel? Do you have a stomach ache? Headache? Tight throat? Stiff neck? Sore shoulders, sore lower back?

2. Do you feel an emotion about the disorganized space? What would you call that emotion: fear? sadness? joy? anger? A combination of emotions?

3. How are you breathing? Full body, deep belly breaths? high-in-the-chest, I-think-I’m-gonna-faint breaths? somewhere in between?

4. How does your voice sound and feel? Full, deep and rich? high, squeaky and childlike? whispery? absent?

Now, take some deep, all-the-way-to-your-toes breaths.

Imagine the “after” picture of how you want the disorganized space to look, smell, feel.

Identify how your body feels, what your emotions are when you’re in that imagined space.

Keep breathing!  And return to this exercise whenever you feel overwhelmed by the forces of entropy.

The client who agreed to experiment with this technique allowed herself to open two 15-pound boxes of magazines she’d been saving since the 90s. By the end of the session, she’d recycled 90 percent of the magazines and planned to deal with more boxes on her own.

Big exhalation: Aaaah!!

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