Stress-free holiday gift-giving ideas

painting-1242867_1280Planning for, giving, and receiving gifts is “supposed” to be joyful, but so often is stressful and disappointing. Here are some gift-giving ideas that will please teens and adults in your life (and provide some ideas for your list, too!).

Gift certificates to favorite venues and stores

  • Teens will text you “thanks” for an iTune gift certificate.
  • Winter sports enthusiasts will welcome an equipment tune-up or repairs at a venue near home.
  • Book lovers will spend hours perusing their choices at a local independent book seller, like Boulder Bookstore.
  • Gardeners will delight in planning what to order from Long’s Iris Gardens or other specialty garden center.

Gift certificates for services the recipient might not otherwise indulge in

  • Girls of all ages will swoon over spa services: facials, manicures, pedicures and relaxation massages.
  • Athletes will move easier after a deep tissue massage!
  • Homeowners will welcome help with reorganizing and decluttering (yup, I’m tooting my own horn!).

Tickets to local plays, movies or music events.

An annual pass to state or national parks.

Home-made gifts that take a little time to make, but spread good cheer long after December is past:

  • “Force” paper whites or other fragrant spring flowers planted in beach glass and fun containers from thrift stores.
  • Sew up unique reusable shopping bags made from fabric remnants or discarded clothing.
  • Create a gift certificate redeemable for your time — 4 hours of babysitting or a week of dog walking or whatever suitable service you can offer the recipient. Send reminders to “cash it in” during the year!

Last but not least, when you really are stumped for a meaningful gift, think about what values your friends and relatives hold dear. Based on that knowledge, contribute to a charity that they volunteer for or support. Then tell them about your gesture of friendship with a beautiful handmade card.

I wish you all happy, stress-free holidays!!

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