How Pinterest can help you stay clutter free!

Bulletin boards, post it notes, visual overload!

Bulletin boards, post it notes, visual overload!

A few months ago, a friend sent me a link to Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board that you can share with anyone and everyone. I took a quick look at her “bulletin boards” and decided it wasn’t for me. I didn’t get what she found so interesting or helpful about posting pictures of stuff she liked for others to see and “like” or repin. She was disappointed in my lack of foresight, and kept nudging me. I kept resisting.

And then . . . one day I was researching products on the web for my organizing business, and the lightbulb finally clicked on:  I can use Pinterest to share visual organizing tips with my clients!! I don’t need to cut and paste URLs and pictures to send to clients via email, I can just direct people to my Pinterest boards. Yup, it was a revelation: TA DA!!

Since then, I’ve been posting stuff I find not only on the Web but in Real Life, too. I figured out that my own pictures (from my outing to IKEA in mid-January with five other professional organizers, for example) can be pinned to my bulletin boards. Click!  Another lightbulb turned on!

Not only that, but I’ve started other bulletin boards to share with my family and friends, such as Places I Love, great vacation spots in the world that I’ve visited and loved.  My bulletin board called Decorating and Design Ideas has pictures of rooms and furniture that tickle my fancy. Lastly, Style Ideas keeps things such as the video that shows 25 ways to tie a scarf super handy to refer to. It’s like having a magical filing system for magazine clippings, but way better — no more messy folders full of faded, dog-eared ratty-edged pictures collecting dust (AHHH-CHOO) in my office.

Another benefit is: I can look at other people’s bulletin boards and collect ideas (repin) from them. It’s like having hundreds of picture books available for browsing whenever I want! Take a look at my bulletin boards by clicking on the red Pinterest button near the top of the right column, under “Your Space Editor.” Maybe you’ll get inspired, too!

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