Get Organized Sale! Buy 2-for-1 and save!



Presidents’ Day was Day One of the 2012 Spring Sales Season. Flashy flyers in the Sunday newspapers promised big savings on all sorts of great stuff, especially organizing stuff.

Target had “do-it-now deals to get organized,” Staples was “introducing hundreds of smart, new ways to get organized” with Martha Stewart products, and The Container Store had a “Work Smart Office Sale.” I was salivating over the bargains — Yippee!

I happily sped off to my local Container Store and Target and paid about $200 for things that I knew two of my clients Really Need. Of course, I ended up finding stuff for Space Editing and my closet, too — Yahoo!

Here’s what I bought for a young apartment dweller:

  • two short hanging sweater bags (a cheap solution to lack of closet shelves)
  • two soft plastic laundry baskets/catch-alls (she had none)
  • one bathroom over-the-door towel rack (supplemented what’s there)
  • one toilet etagere (increased storage in small bathroom)
  • two wire shelves (laundry area had no shelves/storage)
  • six hard plastic caddies (no storage organization in bathroom)

Here’s what I bought for an elderly client:

  • hook unit for her coats (no front-hall closet)
  • key and mail organizer/hanger for front door (no room for front-hall table)
  • two long hanging sweater bags (lacking closet shelves)
  • under-counter pull-out wire shelving (under-sink storage was messy)

Here’s what I bought for me:

  • scarf hanger (scarves were overwhelming my storage spot for them)
  • box cutter (I was borrowing one from my family!)

What I didn’t do is buy stuff without a plan. That’s my message for you: Don’t buy stuff just because it’s on sale and you think you’ll use it “some day.” You’ll end up with what I call “ironic clutter” – unused items for organizing that take up space and clutter your home.

I understand the thrill of the hunt for a bargain, how it’s difficult to pass up a “2-for-1” sale. But if you can only use one of them, what good is owning two (or four or more?!)? In this case, the bargain hunter is the store that just sold you stuff you don’t need and now have to find room for! (Dang!)

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