Double Double, Toil and No Trouble


pronghorn-934553_1280Here’s a little-known truth: most people don’t like to organize on their own. 

Even organizers sometimes need someone to spur them on, especially when we’re tackling a project that we don’t particularly LOVE to do … in my case, I could benefit from having a friend hang out with me while I work on my office. (No, I’m not showing you a picture of it, but I guarantee that right now it’s NOT a good example of my skills!)

This is called social organizing or using a body double. Both terms refer to having a companion either work with you on a task or be companionable while you get the dang thing whipped into shape. This can be a good solution when you’re stuck and need a witness or other external motivator to help you between appointments with your esteemed-and-so-worth-it professional organizer …

Here’s what your companion agrees to do:

  • Reserve all judgment
  • Gently redirect you to the task if you lose focus
  • Keep a sense of humor
  • Take a break if things get too intense

Here’s what you agree to do:

  • Choose a friend who’s compassionate and fun
  • Choose a task that isn’t too long (maybe 30 minutes long)
  • Pick a reward that you’ll do together when the task is completed (go to a movie, out to a meal, swimming, whatever you both enjoy)
  • Observe how you feel about doing the task this way

If you choose your companion well, this can be a good way to get stuff done … and of course, the converse is true. Avoid having your main squeeze or a sibling or other relative “help” you, or I guarantee every chip on your shoulder will be aching AND you won’t get much accomplished!

P.S. If you and your companion have similar tastes in music, cranking the tunes can be another mood enhancing motivator, especially if you cue up just enough for the 30 minutes (or so) that you’ve committed to the task.

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