Progress, not Perfection! Plans for Achieving (New Year’s) Goals


For 2014, I intend to:

  1. post blog entries more often
  2. get my Level II Specialist Certificate in Chronic Disorganization, and
  3. eat fewer carbs!

But intentions alone won’t get me to my goals, ‘cos as my mom used to say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I know I need a plan that keeps me focused and on track, with some built-in time to review my progress. And I know that perfection is the enemy of progress (see my blog “Nobody’s Perfect” for more on this topic!).

With that in mind, here’s the rough outline for how I’m going to turn my good intentions into achievable accomplishments to reach my three goals:

  1. A reasonable goal is blogging once a month. This means 12 publication deadlines, 12 topics, 12 photos and 12 writing commitment times. I’ll put the deadlines and writing times on my new 2014 calendar (and in my cell phone calendar), choose a few topics and find illustrative pictures. Since this is the first blog of 2014 — bingo! I’ve already reached my January goal … (pats self on back).
  2. Late in December, I received my Level I Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization. To get the Level II Specialist Certificate in Chronic Disorganization, I need an additional nine tele-classes under my belt and must take the Level II Exam. This month, I’m reviewing the tele-class credits I have so I know how many more to take, and I’ll buy the books I need to study for the exam. The exam is offered in May and September, so I have two opportunities to Get it Done!
  3. I’m planning menus so that I fill up on vegetables, water, and protein. If I think ahead about what I put in my mouth, rather than mindlessly snacking on what I buy for my hollow-legged, 20-year-old son (potato chips, corn chips, crackers, cookies), I will make progress towards this goal.

Lastly, I know I need accountability partners to keep me motivated and on track, which will guarantee I have some progress to review …

  • My friend Piper blogs all the time! I bet she would gently remind me to keep blogging.
  • Several professional organizer friends are also pursuing certificates in CD – maybe they’d like to have a study group to prep for the exam.
  • And most of my friends want to eat healthy foods and stay in shape, so I should spend more time hiking, walking and eating veggies with them. DOH!

Oooh! I just realized my December 2014 blog will HAVE to be all about my progress.

Progress: Two blog topics down, only 10 to go!

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