Coaching & Organizing Reduce Clutter

Organizing and coaching = Change!
Coaching and organizing, when done together, can combat clutter and overwhelm more effectively than just professional organizing on its own. Combining coaching and organizing helps clients overcome habits that stand in the way of lasting change. You can declutter and organize all you want, but if you don’t change the behaviors and mindset that caused the clutter in the first place, it’s likely you’ll be calling the organizer again!

Change: that’s the essential word here. Think about what change means to you… In the coaching world, change means inviting your curiosity in to shake up the status quo. Change can mean playing with different attitudes, learning about habitual ways you think about your “stuff” or your overwhelm. Change isn’t just about the physical differences that decluttering and organizing can make to your home. Change comes from within you. Changing your attitudes about the “stuff” helps you stay organized. Change can mean choosing new goals and sticking with them. When coaching and organizing are combined, you learn to work around the overwhelm that created the clutter.

Space Editing offers a combination of coaching and organizing to clients who want lasting change in their lives and homes. The coaching can be done on-site, before or during an organizing session. Or it can be done by phone, between organizing sessions. Usually the coaching takes about 30 minutes, and focuses on a topic that’s related to struggles the client is having with being or staying organized. The coaching outcome may be specific actions that we undertake together in the organizing work. Or the outcome may be a perspective shift that helps you move forward on something you want to try doing on your own.

What does it require of you? A wish to change. Knowledge about yourself. Willingness to give this a try, and see if coaching and organizing are the right combination for you!

About Space Editing

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