Chronic & Situational Disorganization


What is chronic disorganization?

Chronic disorganization describes:

  • long-term, ongoing physical clutter and/or time-related (scheduling) difficulties that affect your life adversely
  • you’ve attempted to resolve them on your own without success
  • and you anticipate that these issues will continue into the future.

People who have chronic disorganization (CD) have struggled with it all their lives. They are NOT lazy or stupid or careless. Neurologists theorize that CD people don’t have task initiation or temporal (time-related) awareness available to their brains in the way these skills are “automatically” available to the general public. In fact, the unavailability of task initiation or temporal awareness are hallmarks of people who are diagnosed with ADD.

What is situational disorganization?

Situational disorganization describes:

  • the sudden onset of disorganization (clutter and scheduling difficulties) after a history of being organized
  • an inability to resolve the clutter and scheduling on your own
  • and you anticipate that the issues may not be resolved without help.

A life-altering event such as divorce or the death of a family member can throw a formerly organized person into situational disorganization that lingers for months or years after the event.

Chronic or situational disorganization can create overwhelm that threatens peace of mind and stymies efforts to move forward in your life. A coach who understands chronic or situational disorganization can cut through the “symptoms” and help you address the root causes, helping you achieve the changes you want to effect in your life. Call me today, and let’s see how I can help you!