Are you an empty nester? Wondering what to do with the mementoes, heirlooms, family furnishings, artwork and photos you’ve acquired over the last 30-40 (or more) years? Excited and sad about moving into a smaller home? Even if you plan to stay in your home (aging in place, as it’s called nowadays), reducing the amount of stuff you own makes sense.

My downsizing clients frequently express jumbled feelings of worry, anticipation, grief and relief at the prospect of moving to a smaller home, or modifying their existing home to safely age in place.

Hiring a professional organizer can reduce much of that conflict, smoothing the transition for you.

Space Editing will help you:

  • consider and decide which furnishings, mementoes and artwork will fit in the new space
  • find resources to assess the value of prized possessions
  • plan how to distribute items to appropriate recipients
  • coordinate services such as movers, unpacking, trash collection, etc.

Downsizing services can include:

  • de-cluttering, donating, recycling
  • renovation support (for aging in place modifications)
  • keeping an eye on the move-out and move-in dates
  • coordinating with your realtor
  • getting the old home ready to put on the market
  • helping you find movers
  • helping you unpack, establishing your new-but-familiar home within a day or two of moving in.

Contact Space Editing to learn more about how we can help ease this time of transition.