Home Organizing


Your personality, your preferences, your taste are the foundation for successful home organizing. Space Editing works with you to assess and prioritize your organizing goals, then helps you define what will work for your unique situation. Utilizing coaching skills and organizing principles, Space Editing helps you discover and implement organizing and maintenance solutions.

What’s home organizing? It includes just about anything you can think of:P1010001

  • clearing out cupboards, closets and other storage areas
  • rethinking how rooms are used
  • imagining and establishing processes to maintain order
  • creating systems to manage paper flow, bill paying, appointments, or family communications

Home organizing can even include designing storage solutions for a house renovation or new build.

If you have a kitchen, basement, laundry room, home office, bedroom, living room or other space that is cluttered, inefficient, too full to use, or in other ways not your happy place to be, contact Space Editing and see how we might help!