Happy Clients

  • Coaching with Judith for just four sessions was an eye-opening experience. I didn't see how we could achieve all that much in such a short time but I was surprised and impressed by how quickly we got to the heart of what I wanted to work on and I was delighted to come away from each session with concrete, actionable next steps to take. I gained clarity around things that had been swirling around for months and have happily crossed many items off my to-do list in an alarming burst of efficiency motivated by our sessions. I greatly appreciated Judith's willingness and skill in working with my specific learning style as well as her promptness and overall professionalism.
    Lucy K.Broomfield, CO
  • Pete and I didn’t know where to begin when we contemplated moving from our home of 43 years. Judith arrived with a confident smile and helped us through the whole process with our sanity intact. She made a difficult move possible and we looked forward to her visits. Each day when she left, Judith carted off items to be donated different places and returned with itemized donation receipts. She went through things we considered trash to be sure nothing could be recycled, so that electronics and hazardous waste didn’t go into the landfill. After the move, she helped us unpack all the important boxes, recycled the packing paper and boxes, and left us with a kitchen ready to use. One more benefit: we became friends who stay in touch and meet for lunch every few months!
    Joan D. Boulder, CO
  • Judith has helped me with a number of organizing projects over the past few years. She has taught me organizing techniques and rules of thumb, recommended tradespeople for a small remodeling project, and helped me with paperwork that was overwhelming to tackle on my own. She is patient, nonjudgmental, kind and has a great sense of humor. She takes courses to help her clients who cope with chronic disorganization, and always has more education to share with me. This year she added coaching to help clients learn how to get beyond feeling “stuck” in old habits and attitudes. I find it all very helpful and have benefited greatly from my association with her.
    Jack M.Boulder, CO
  • Judith has a gift for organizing. She had many good ideas which I never would have thought on my own. When she arrived we had a garage so full we could barely park our two cars. With her experience, good ideas, and energy she quickly transformed our garage into usable space. I would definitely recommend her.
    Michelle H.Boulder, CO
  • I thought an organizer might be sort of like a babysitter, or moral support, for those people who know where everything should go, but can’t seem to ever get it there. Or those who can envision a system, but never take the time to set it up. Since both of those apply to me, I was happy to give in and enlist help. But Judith offers so, so much more! She has the uncanny ability to size up a project in minutes, seeing possibilities that would never have occurred to me. She asked questions that helped me recognize my priorities and patiently helped me through the places where I stubbornly hung onto old delusions (“but I really will read those magazines someday!”). Where I tend to get overwhelmed and bogged down with the constant detailed decisions, Judith remained energized and upbeat throughout, pushing me to keep going with patience and humor. We got more done in a few hours than I would have completed in a whole weekend. If you have areas in your home or workplace where you’re drowning, let her be your lifeboat!
    Marijke J.Louisville, CO
  • It was great to work with Judith. She’s very punctual and professional but also very flexible. We worked on organizing the house while I was also trying to care for my infant daughter and she was very understanding and helpful! Judith is also very conscientious of keeping costs down. She was creative in using what we already had more effectively and also gave homework that we could get done between visits. She also helped us recycle and donate as much as possible. I would highly recommend her.
    Kate O.Louisville CO
  • Judith is a life-saver!  She has gone out of her way to help in a difficult situation.  She is reliable, resourceful, and helpful without being judgmental.  Sorting through personal items can be difficult and not something I would want to do with just anyone. Judith was able to help me persevere in a kind way to ensure I completed what needed to get done.  Her organization and wealth of knowledge and resources helped immensely. Judith was terrific! I  highly recommend Space Editing.
    KimberlyGlenwood Springs CO
  • Judith was a great help in getting my kitchen organized and she inspired me to tackle other projects around the house. Hiring an expert is motivating! She came up with ideas I never would have known about, and I had fun working alongside her. Money well spent!
    Sharon W.Boulder, CO
  • I can’t begin to express my gratitude for Judith’s patience and support in helping me to purge and organize my home. Judith helped me let go of items I thought I must hold on to for years (about 20 years if I have to be honest!). Her willingness to hang in there with me and support me until I was ready and able to make the decision to let these items go was incredible.
    Christy G.Erie, CO
  • Not only was Judith efficient and knowledgeable in organizing our out-of-control storage room, but she was fun to work with as we got rid of clutter together.  Now, when I need to find my ski boots or my extra dishes, I know exactly where they will be.
    Marylou H.Nederland, CO
  • Judith delivered a service that beat my expectations in terms of depth of expertise, timeliness, and exceptionally useful results. Her time is well worth it and I will hire her in the future for other important projects.
    Tracy J.Boulder, CO